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About Us

Welcome to G and D Kennels….Where Champions are Made!

I’m Gary Breitbarth, Principal and Head Trainer at G and D Kennels. Dog training started early for me. I purchased my first field bred English Springer Spaniel when I was just 15 yrs old and that was when I realized my passion for training dogs (my wife calls it a gift). That passion continues today and is reflected in the quality trained dogs that we put out each year. With over 45 years of professional dog training it is now a way of life for me and my family.

I have been very successful in the field trial world with 3 national wins, 5 national placements and one hall of fame dog. I have lost count of the number of dogs that I have trained to become field champions, both Amateur and Open. In addition to the trials dogs, we also breed and train amazing hunting dogs, including Labradors, Pointers and of course my specialty, Spaniels.

One way our training methods stand out is the success that we have in training not just the dogs but the owners/handlers. We aren’t successful unless the training we put into the dogs transfers to a successful partnership of owner/handler and dog out in the field….whether that be in a hunting or field trial situation. That successful training has resulted in innumerable Amateur Field Champions over the years and countless hunting companions.


Here at G & D Kennels we believe in a foundational approach where each step builds on the next to achieve the desired level of training. By building a strong foundation in training this allows you to be confident that your training will hold for the lifetime of the dog.

Training a good dog takes hard work and patience. Each dog has its own personality and traits and we mold the training to best suit each individual dog. Our goal is to maximize the dogs natural talent and to take the training to the owners desired level so that they are true companions and teammates out in the field.

Step One: Basic Obedience Training
Step Two: Place Board Training
This includes sit, stay and go away that progresses to the fetch, hold and trained retrieve. These fundamentals are crucial for the advanced training ahead.
Step Three: Field Quartering
Step Four: Steady to Wing and Shot, Blind Retrieves

We welcome your phone calls or emails to answer any questions you may have. Please call or email us today!